Photo-Mortuary Services And Information, Tainan City


The office was formerly known as the Tainan City Funeral Parlor, with the old site established at Nanning Street in Tainan City. At that time, operations were contracted out to funeral homes. In response to the expansion and growing needs for mortuary services within the city, the establishment was relocated to its current site on Guomin Road. At the same time, the old funeral parlor was abolished and a new establishment formed.
In January 2000, the funeral parlor was reorganized into the Tainan City Mortuary Services Office. In 2012, the Tainan County Liuying Luyuan Mortuary Area, Xinying Fuyuan Mortuary Area, and Yanshuei Shouyuan Mortuary Area were all merged into the office. The office is responsible for funeral services, cremation, public cemeteries, ashes storage, various other mortuary services and public services.

Quality Policy

Harmony - Respect for the deceased, so that life is more complete and harmonious for all;
Satisfaction - Compassion for the living, moving customers with respect and value;
Natural -Abide by customs and rituals, respecting cultures and complying with folk customs;
Environmentally Friendly - Diverse funeral services, promoting environmentally friendly natural burials to protect the environment.

Service Philosophy

Our aim is to provide quality mortuary services. We place customers first and adopt services measures which bring customer satisfaction; We guide the funeral industry and correct funeral rites under the principle of "respectful burial and respectful worship"; We provide comprehensive mortuary facilities so that all lives come to harmonious ends through plans to "respect the deceased and have compassion for the living"; We actively promote digitization of all procedures and establish a customer-oriented electronic customer service environment through the guideline of being "open, professional and placing the customer first"; Promote natural, ecological burial methods and service philosophies of cultural compassion, meeting customer needs while also establishing a mortuary service industry through sustainable development, taking into account both the spirit of "natural environmental protection" and "cultural compassion".

Future Vision

In light of mortuary service development in the city after the consolidation and upgrade of the city and county, as well as to foster the holistic development of people’s physical, intellectual and spiritual life, as well as to attain harmony of life and death, we have drawn upon the five core values of mortuary service: “signing the mortuary contract, obtaining the remains, memorial service, burial, and grief counseling” to formulate the “Harmony, Satisfaction, Natural and Environmentally Friendly” service quality policy, so that the citizens of Tainan may “be born, brought up, pass away and be buried here” as their final resting place. This is a vision of the city’s mortuary services in the future.

Key policies for the future are outlined below:

  1. Integrate the resources of various mortuary areas in order to unleash the maximum service performance: Focusing on customer orientation, the office will continue to facilitate mortuary service reforms by integrating the resources of various mortuary areas in the city. The aim is to bridge the north-south divide in Taiwan and improve service performance in an effort to materialize the policy of offering the public convenient and citizen-friendly services.
  2. Promote the digitization of mortuary services and cross-regional service: Due to the vastness of the city’s territory and dispersed nature of administrative districts, mortuary areas are also located far apart. As a result, there are relatively insufficient mortuary resources in remote townships. In the future, besides planning additional mortuary areas, in order to transcend geographical limitations, mortuary services will develop towards the goals of “standardization of procedures, digitization of operations, transparency of information, and prompt service”, where information technology will be applied to bridge the digital divide, and in turn improve resources in remote townships.
  3. Promote new mortuary practices in the city and rectify traditional funeral customs: Traditional funerals are extremely expensive due to the influence of lavish burial customs, therefore the aim is to simplify complex funeral rituals and emphasize the values of “funeral autonomy”, “gender equality”, and “respect diversity” in order to reshape people’s mentality and advocate a new mortuary practice of “simplified and frugal funerals”. The objective is to establish the concept of “munificent living and frugal funerals” among people because by respecting the dignity and quality of life, we not only honor the deceased by also console the living.
  4. Continue to renew cemeteries and re-interment, as well as the revitalization and sustainable use of land: Plans are devised to progressively update or relocate existing old cemeteries on an annual basis. Furthermore, the system of tower burial is implemented to existing exemplary cemeteries in order to achieve the revitalization and sustainable use of land. In addition, green fences are installed around cemeteries to develop, beautify, and improve the overall environment and landscape of cemeteries.
  5. Promote green, eco-friendly, diverse funerals and the concept of funeral autonomy: Create diverse funeral options such as tree burial, scattering of ashes, sea burial and Muslim cemetery, breaking the traditional mentality of building graves for earth burials or taboos on tower burials, thereby implementing the concept of “returning life to the natural cycle” and the sustainable use of land.